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Whale Watching Tours

Oceano Whale Watching La Gomera stands for gentle and respectful whale watching. We focus on sustainability, intense experiences in small groups and exciting encounters with wild dolphins and whales. We look forward to meeting you!

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Information about our whale watching tours

  • Tours start from the harbour of Vueltas, Valle Gran Rey
  • Twice a day – departure times may vary – one in the morning and one in the afternoon
  • 3 – 4h duration each
  • max. 10 guests per excursion and boat
  • accompanied by experienced, multilingual marine guide
  • Information about the marine mammals
  • Reservations directly at our OCEANO office, Vueltas, Valle Gran Rey or in advance via this website
  • Price 44 € / children up to and including 11 years 29 €

Every Oceano Whale Watching Tour is different!

Being with dolphins and whales is always an exciting adventure. Every tour is new and different, we never know if and when we will meet them!

What can you expect on an Oceano Whale-Watching tour off La Gomera?

The sea along the southwest coast off La Gomera offers us a unique variety of marine mammals: 23 different species of dolphins and whales have been spotted here. All species migrate freely through this part of the Atlantic Ocean, no group or pod, as they are also called, lives permanently in a certain place in the sea.

So we go out and start looking: often it is dolphins we encounter: bottlenose dolphins or a small group of rough-toothed dolphins, the fast striped and common dolphins, or we suddenly have the curious Atlantic spotted dolphins around our boat.

But we also meet pilot whales and the rare beaked whales, often very close to the shore, and sometimes even large whales like the sperm, fin, Bryde’s or sei whales. This area is always good for surprises!

Important for us is gentle and respectful whale watching, a respectful treatment of these wonderful animals. They are the hosts and we are the guests. Very often we feel invited by them and they show a palpable interest in us.

All kinds of encounters happen: Sometimes we are tolerated as silent observers, for example when they are feeding. Sometimes we can accompany them on their way from somewhere to nowhere. Sometimes we meet large pods and sometimes rather small groups of three to ten animals.

Other times they immediately swim in the bow wave of our boat and come very close. And sometimes they want to be left alone. That’s just the way it is with wild, free-ranging whales and dolphins in their natural environment off La Gomera.