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Respectful Whale Watching

Respectful Whale Watching – What is it all about?

Our aim is to respectfully observe the dolphins and whales in their natural habitat during our whale watching tours.

At Oceano, we want to offer you a natural and sustainable whale watching experience. It is very important to us to influence the behaviour of the animals as little as possible by our presence, not to disturb them or even harm them.

As a licensed whale watching provider, we not only adhere to the legally predetermined guidelines of the Canary Islands government, but also draw on our many years of experience and knowledge, which we have gained also through our detailed documentation. This enables us to meaningfully support research, including that of M.E.E.R. e.V., a German NGO for research and education for the protection of dolphins and whales.

We always pay attention to whether the marine mammals, that impress us time and again, welcome us or whether they prefer to go their own way. We are aware during every encounter with whales & dolphins that we are the guests and behave accordingly with respect and gratitude.

Our philosophy is to approach these fascinating creatures carefully, to adjust to the situation at hand and to adapt our navigating behaviour to the activity of the whales & dolphins. Whale watching cannot be gentle enough.

Whale Watching Tours

Oceano Whale Watching La Gomera stands for gentle and respectful whale watching. We focus on sustainability, ...

Whales and Dolphins

Whales & dolphins: The species we meet off La Gomera

Oceano sightings off La Gomera

The Oceano sightings during whale watching tours off the coast of La Gomera.

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Whale Watching Pictures

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Whale Watching videos

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Our Whale Watching sighting rates

Our sighting rates on our whale watching tours range from 90 to 100% depending on the time of year and the weather conditions.

Although we can’t guarantee you a whale or dolphin sighting, we can promise you an impressive tour. Seabirds, sea turtles, jumping tuna, flying fish, the play of colours of the Portuguese man-of-war, a spontaneous swim break in one of the beautiful bays or simply the light reflections of the sun on the sea will remain unforgettable.

The OCEANO Whale Watching Team always does its best and we promise to do everything we can to encounter the fascinating marine mammals together. Our chances are good…