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Whale Watching La Gomera – Welcome!

With Oceano Whale Watching you can observe whales, dolphins and other sea creatures up close in their natural habitat off La Gomera.

Do you want to experience marine mammals in freedom?

The Oceano team is committed to providing you with an unforgettable experience. We visit the whales and dolphins in the wild with our traditional fishing boat. It is very important to us to influence their natural behaviour as little as possible.

Experience unforgettable moments with free-living dolphins and whales!

With gentle and respectful whale watching we experience unforgettable moments with and around the fascinating animals off the coast of La Gomera.

In addition to whales and dolphins, we regularly meet other impressive marine creatures, such as sharks, rays or sea turtles. Often the magnificent flying skills of the sea birds or the glittering of a jellyfish, like the beautiful Portuguese man-of-war, make Oceano Whale Watching tours unique.


From July 2022 onwards, our Whale Watching tours are CO² neutral

As part of our commitment within the Charter for Sustainable Tourism on La Gomera, we want to offset the CO² emissions of our boat trips: On a monthly basis, we will donate the corresponding amount to the local project Plántate, through which native trees and shrubs are being planted on La Gomera. More information here


Respectful Whale Watching

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Oceano Whale Watching La Gomera stands for gentle and respectful whale watching. We focus on sustainability, ...


The dedicated team at Oceano enjoys encounters with free-living dolphins and whales. We love to show ...

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Whales and Dolphins

Whales & dolphins: The species we meet off La Gomera

See you soon … With best regards from the island of La Gomera.

Your Oceano Whale Watching Team!