We go to the whales & dolphins every day from Sunday to Thursday There are certainly still places available

Booking Request

Here you can send a booking request to Oceano Gomera.

As of 04.10.2021 we will start with our whale watching tours again!

This page is in preparation.

Oceano Booking conditions

Booking Conditions for OCEANO Whale Watching Tours:

The price is 40 € for adults / 26 € for children up to the age of 11 years, i.e. until their 12th birthday.

The total amount is due upon booking.

Cancellation by the client

A cancellation up to 48 hours before the tour will incur a handling fee of 10 €.

In case of a cancellation within 48 hours of the tour, the total amount is due.

If a client is verifiably ill, OCEANO will refund the money paid minus a handling fee of 10 €. This does not apply to accompanying persons.

In any case: If the place can be sold to another person, the whole amount paid can be refunded after the tour. This is done on request of the cancelling resp. ill customer after the tour.

Cancellation by OCEANO due to bad weather conditions

Should OCEANO decide to cancel a tour due to bad weather conditions (this is a decision of the captain), this can be done up until the planned start of the tour. A new date is offered to the customer (rebooking). If this is not possible, the total amount paid is refunded to the client.

In case OCEANO needs to transfer the money back, there will be a fee of 2 €.

Additional conditions for reservations via email

For bookings via email, the customer needs to transfer the entire amount of 40 € per adult and 26 € per child in advance.

On receipt of the payment, OCEANO will send a booking confirmation/voucher with the agreed date via email to the client. This voucher needs to be exchanged for a tour ticket at the OCEANO office at least 24 hours before the tour starts.

In case the customer does not attend the tour, or if OCEANO needs to cancel the tour due to bad weather conditions, the above-mentioned conditions apply.