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Sightings in February 2022

Bottlenose dolphins, pilot whales, Atlantic spotted dolphins, common dolphins, Bryde`s whales, fin whales

In February 2022 we encountered six different species of whales and dolphins on our responsible whale watching tours off La Gomera.

The following species were observed on our tours in February:

  • bottlenose dolphin
  • pilot whale
  • Atlantic spotted dolphin
  • common dolphin
  • Bryde`s whale
  • fin whale

As in the last months, we encountered pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins most frequently in February. Slowly, sightings of Atlantic spotted dolphins are also increasing. We were also able to observe common dolphins.

We also had the pleasure of showing Bryde’s whales to our guests on some tours and on an ecotour with marine biologist Volker Boehlke we were particularly lucky: two fin whales, the second largest creatures on this planet, showed up. That was of course a very special highlight.

We are looking forward to spring and hope to see some sea turtles again.

Here you can see some impressions from our tours in February: