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Cuvier’s beaked whale – Ziphius cavirostris

The Beaked Whales are almost unexplored. But we know that their body size is 5.5 – 7.0 m, their weight is 2-3 t; newborns are 2-3 m and their weight is about 250 kg.

Mainly they eat calamari and squid, but also small fish. They are easily confused with other beaked whale species, but can be clearly recognized by their downwards-sloped forehead, the smaller beak and two smaller teeth at the peak out of the lower jaw.

Due to scars and variations in body colour, every individual has its own very distinct appearance. Their diving intervals last between 20-40 min, sometimes up to one hour. The average hunting depths is estimated to be about 800m. The dorsal fin is clearly visible when they are drifting on the surface.

Normally, Cuvier’s whales avoid boats and ships and are not easily sighted in the open sea. However sometimes they voluntarily approach boats and show curiosity. Unfortunately they became very known due to strandings.