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Bryde’s whale – Balaenoptera brydei

The Bryde’s Whale is part of the family of baleen whales. Their body size is 12 -14m and their weight ranges from about 16-25 t. Newborn Bryde’s Whales are 3.5 – 4.0m and their weight is 900 kg.

They feed on shoaling fish, shrimps and squid. The Bryde’s Whale has a distinctive, sickle-shaped dorsal fin. The skin can be spotted, the back is rather dark.

Sometimes it is curious and approaches the boat by swimming circles around or swimming along one side of the boat. They leap high out of the water and can quickly change direction when hunting and feeding. The diving intervals are 2-8 min, after having inhaled on the surface for 4-7 times.

Some sub-species can be seen in the open ocean, others in closer proximity to the coast.