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Education and Research

Oceano Information events

A varying offer of talks and theme evenings

Regularly, we also offer informative talks and theme evenings with varying contents at the OCEANO office in Vueltas/Valle Gran Rey, such as a lecture on the whales and dolphins off La Gomera. Occasionally there are special events for children, or lectures from guest speakers.

During the theme evenings, we show a wide range of films and presentations, all related to the sea and its inhabitants.

Many talks and films are in German, but we do also offer events in English and Spanish as well, so simply call in and find out about our current programme.

No previous registration is necessary.

The Exibition

“Dolphins and Whales – Change of biodiversity”

It is a great pleasure for us to house the permanent exhibition “Dolphins and Whales off La Gomera – Species Diversity in a Changing World”and the work of MEER e.V. at our OCEANO office and information centre on La Gomera.

As OCEANO’s contribution to support the protection of the cetaceans and to provide information to the public we make our OCEANO office available for the exhibition free of charge and we are delighted to answer the questions of our interested visitors.

The exhibition at the OCEANO office presents the results of the sighting data we collect on our Whale Watching boats on a daily basis, and the same time you can learn a lot about the cetaceans and their habitat. Find out about the dangers they face in our current times, and take home some suggestions how you can make a contribution to the protection and preservation of the sea mammals and the sea.

The exhibition brochure, which you receive during your visit, can either be handed back afterwards, or else you may purchase it and take it home as a manual with lots of interesting facts.

You can visit the exhibition during the opening times of our OCEANO office.

Long term research

Scientific publications

It is a very elegant solution when whale watching can be combined with research. In La Gomera, this collaboration has been taking place since 1997. Using our boats as a platform for research, we mainly support our partner M.E.E.R. e.V., but we also offer marine biologists the opportunity to go out on the ocean with us for behavioural biology studies.

Every day during our excursions, the OCEANO team collects valuable sighting data, creating the basis for scientific publications such as the ones mentioned below. By means of this continuous data collection and entry into the database we support the long-term scientific research here in La Gomera. The results and evaluation can be seen in the exhibition at our OCEANO info centre, as well as in our presentations and talks. The continuous data collection over a long time enables the researchers to gain insight into the developments and changes within the different whale and dolphin populations. For the last few years, the scientific research of M.E.E.R. e.V., headed by the marine biologist Fabian Ritter, is particularly focussed on the subject of the effects of climate change on the biodiversity off La Gomera. We also support a comprehensive research project on Beaked whales done by the University of La Laguna, Tenerife, by sending them photos and data of our sightings.

The idea is that the findings of scientific research should contribute to the protection of the animals and the ocean, serving as a basis for political choices and decisions.

Further information on the topic of education and research: M.E.E.R. e.V .