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Clients’ Feedback

What did you like best at the Whale Watching Tour?

  • “Amazing tour, keep at it!“
  • “True to the maxim I can only protect what I know, OCEANO with its excursions and the complementary info events is a real enrichment on the way for the protection of the sea mammals. I owe you for the unforgettable impressions!“
  • “Very dedicated captain.“
  • “Thank you for these wonderful experiences!“
  • “Thank you for the brilliant excursions and the competent care. It is always a pleasure to go out on the ocean with you.“
  • “Amazing impressions. Many thanks for the unforgettable time and wonderful moments, we will always remember it with love!“
  • “Many thanks for a unique, wonderful and very impressive experience! I would never have thought to be able to see whales so close…“
  • “It was simply miraculous, you cannot describe it, you need to do it.“
  • “Many thanks for the great excursions – you are a great team!“
  • “It was just amazing to lie on the sailing boat and have 100 dolphins all around you – unforgettable!!!“
  • “The rain didn’t stop us from having a beautiful whale encounter.”
  • “It was a brilliant tour in all ways.“