We go to the whales & dolphins every day from Sunday to Thursday There are certainly still places available

Our Boats

Ascensión del Señor and Océano Cinco

The Ascensión del Señor: Her name has the same meaning in English as in Spanish, Ascension. This is a highly appropriate name, as we have many heavenly encounters with whales and dolphins with her out at sea! Every ship has a soul – and the Ascensión del Señor has a very special one, and we love her just as much as the local fishermen in the harbour do.

With this typical Canarian fishing boat we go out to find whales and dolphins. She lies perfectly stable in the water, does not sway much, and is simply made for this region, giving us the opportunity for an intense and very close contact with the cetaceans. On board we have space for 10 guests and there is enough room to sit, lie down or stand up – so you can just settle back, relax and enjoy your time on the ocean! The Ascensión complies with all safety regulations and is officially licensed as a whale watching boat with the yellow flag “Barco Azul”, issued by the Canarian government.

The Océano Cinco: She is a former diving school boat, and as there is a lot of space aboard, it is very comfortable for our guests.

The boat is particularly well suited for our snorkelling tours in the summer, as it is very easy to go into the water via a ladder at the stern of the boat. Like all our boats, she has a Whale Watching licence and complies with the legal safety regulations.