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Sightings in February 2023

Bottlenose dolphins, pilot whales, Atlantic spotted dolphins, striped dolphins, Cuvier`s beaked whale, sunfish

In February 2023 we encountered at five different species of whales and dolphins and a sunfish on our responsible whale watching tours off La Gomera.

The following species were observed on our tours in February:

  • bottlenose dolphin
  • pilot whale
  • Atlantic spotted dolphin
  • striped dolphin
  • Cuvier´s beaked whale
  • sunfish

Four dolphin species, beaked whales and even a sunfish could be observed by our guests in February. The pilot whales also belong to the dolphin family. In addition to this resident species, we have also encountered bottlenose dolphins, Atlantic spotted dolphins and striped dolphins.

On the last of the month, a group of Cuvier’s beaked whales also appeared. This species was last seen in October 2022. Beaked whales spend very little time at the surface between their long and deep dives, so it is relatively rare to see them.

One particularly exotic exotic sea creature was spotted on our afternoon tour on February 23rd: a sunfish. It is one of the heaviest bony fish in the world and can reach a length of more than three metres.

(Fotos: OCEANO, Alexander Brenner, Ulla Christina Ludewig)