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Sightings from 16 June 2024 to 30 June 2024

Pilot whales, Spotted dolphins, Rough-toothed dolphins, Bottlenose dolphins, Loggerhead turtles

We have recently seen the following whale and dolphin species on our whale watching tours off La Gomera:

  • Pilot whales (Indian pilot whales)
  • Spotted dolphins
  • Rough-toothed dolphins
  • Bottlenose dolphins
  • Loggerhead turtle

Some days the pilot whales are nowhere to be found. Where are they? When we come across them again, we are particularly happy as they seem to be presenting their newborns and young to us. Do they retreat to give birth in peace?
The rough-toothed dolphins showed their beautiful faces and we watched spotted dolphins hunting or riding the waves. The young animals, which are still light grey in colour, are particularly curious and playful and fortunately paid us a visit on the boat.
Bottlenose dolphins were also very active and we met one that appeared to be quite old and swimming leisurely near the harbour of Vueltas. We could see many scars on its skin and many barnacles hanging from its dorsal fin.

We encountered one or two loggerhead turtles on our trips. We even spotted small ones that were only the size of a hand. Fortunately, none were caught in rubbish this time.
Rare curlews were spotted by chance as we travelled along the coast on the way back. They are very well camouflaged in the rocks.

The sighting rate for the whole month of June was 89%!

Fotos: Noel Covián, Ricarda Scholz, OCEANO Archiv